Fairmont, Minnesota – The official town of Fairmont population is 10,487, as of the 2020 decennial
census taken by the United States Census Bureau. The census takes place every ten years and provides essential information
statistical data on communities and their economies.
It was estimated in 2019 that Fairmont’s population would decline by approximately 6%. The official count of
10,487 is only a 1.6% decrease from Fairmont’s 2010 population of 10,666. This is a positive result for the
community because it shows that the community is stable and hopes to grow.
The state of Minnesota ranks cities by size. Following the 2020 census, Fairmont remains a
Class 3 city (a city with more than 10,000 inhabitants). The implications of this classification are far-reaching – affecting
program funding levels, including infrastructure, education and health.
The coronavirus pandemic has presented significant challenges in carrying out an accurate census. Lots of locals
individuals, representing a number of local groups and organizations, participated in the process to ensure a
complete and accurate count of the population of the community. The Complete Martin/Fairmont County Count
The committee met several times to prepare the count, share information on the importance of the census,
and join their communities.
“Thank you to everyone who worked on the census,” City Administrator Cathy Reynolds told volunteers and staff,
“Your effort and hard work throughout the pandemic for our community is greatly appreciated.”
A variety of demographic statistics can be viewed by browsing censum.gov. For any questions about how the City
uses these statistics, residents can contact Peter Bode, Planner/Code Enforcement Technician at
[email protected] or 507-238-3940.